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Albert & Abraham LLP

At Albert and Abraham LLP, our clients derive top rated legal services delivered with the highest ethical standards.

Multinationals rely on us for our proven knowledge of the Law and technologically driven ability to make their problems go away.

About Us

The firm holds itself to meet and exceed very high professional standards.

Albert and Abraham LLP, is known for its very diverse perspectives of both its attorneys and its clients. We do not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, tribe, nationality, religion, marital status, age, disability, or sexual orientation neither do we pay specific attention to experience.

We provide strategic legal services to businesses and business people with our experience in management consultancy.

Practice Areas

Corporate Law

Our Team is known for giving necessary advice to both local and foreign corporate entities on matters of governance and best practices.

Capital Market, Investment and Securities

The Firm leverages on technology and strategic partnerships to render the best services to Clients in the Capital Market. Our focus is to accelerate profits and supervise long-term investments.

Startups and Venture Capital Law

We consult for the 1% of the 1% in the ecosystem right from ideation to implementation. Our team's ability to guide the corporate strategy of growing companies with emphasis on protecting Founders and Limited Partners is proven.

Construction Law

Our attorneys provide expert guidance to clients involved in projects of all sizes. We specialize in comprehensive legal services that addresses the unique challenges faced by construction industry stakeholders.

Energy & Environmental Law Practice

The Firm has efficiently advised international, local energy companies and government contractors on matters of compliance and corporate governance.

Immigration Law

Our dual-licenced attorneys collaborate with immigration experts in other jurisdictions to help individuals, corporations, expatriates and businesses navigate complex regulations. Our experienced attorneys provide guidance and support throughout the immigration process.

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